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We love engineering our clients work. When the idea is shared with us, we are curious about how we can make it tangible. In this process, we love to see the changes from “is it possible?” to “it is possible!”, to “here it is”, including the beautiful emotions involved. Many clients have gone before you, resulting in beautiful products and gaining knowledge about what they really want to achieve. Curious? Get inspired by our cases.


We combine an extreme development process, the modular idea[x] platform of proven concepts, a network of reliable partners with great materials and, of course, ingenuity. Invite us and bring more than twenty years of experience in engineering solutions at your table. Let’s combine the traditional with new innovative materials, technologies and new media. Sign up for an open sessions and challenge us.


Our clients come from all sorts of verticals, but share a creative mindset. Together with the client we envision the desired result and then engineer it. It is not unusual that our clients save 40% on what they used to spend before working with us. And at the same time, get stunning results. So over the last years we created a lot of great books, apps, tools, portals and campaigns. Experience what this can do for your company.



We work with an exclusive team of partners that understand our businesses and share the same philosophy in terms of quality and output.



For several verticals we offer our standardized solutions:
KPRS Online logistic solution for the recycling sector
IDEA[X] Cloud platform for integrated marketing solutions



Results that improve your business. Making your workflow more efficient and saving unnecessary costs, using proven concepts of future proof and innovative technology.


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